April 2017

For more practice, I volunteered as an editor for Columbia College Chicago's Framework student portfolio videos. These were challenging to do, and it was nice to get some more experience with interview footage.

I had to choose from music available in the school's approved catalog, string together about a minute's worth of interview from 20-30 minutes of footage, and incorporate available B-Roll to cover jump cuts and where contextually appropriate.

After changes from comments and reviews, the videos are handed off to the student sound department, and then passed along to other groups to finish.

March 2017

For practice editing a music video, I tried cutting the Adobe & Imagine Dragons "Make The Cut" Believer footage.

June 2016

Rough cut #1 for Bob Palmieri's hand-made guitar pickups, Dune Land Labs. This is part of a series of promotional videos for his new pickups, featuring Nels Cline and my friend Bob talking about the process of arriving at the pickups they both wanted.

Rough cut #2 for Dune Land Labs. Rough cut #3 currently still in progress :)

May 2016

WPM (Words Per Minute)

My first attempt at a short experimental film. I used an iPad, iOgrapher Filmmaking Kit with the 2X Telephoto Lens, a Smith-Corona Galaxie II Typewriter, and a GraLab Dark Timer. Edited in Adobe Premiere.

Music is from Interference Patterns (Vibraphone - David Jennings, Guitar - Vikas Deo)

April 2016

Assignment #4, "Gunsmoke" Narrative Edit, for Editing 1 at Columbia College Chicago (temp music from "Gunsmoke - Music from the Original Television Soundtrack", Various Artists.)

April 2016

Assignment #3, "Dog Show" Documentary Edit, for Editing 1 at Columbia College Chicago.

March 2016

Assignment #2, "Lavinia's Heist" Narrative Edit, for Editing 1 at Columbia College Chicago.

February 2016

Assignment #1, "PSK" Experimental Edit, for Editing 1 at Columbia College Chicago.